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  • 1
    Backup related issues get arise during the rainy season.
  • 2
    Supplier not aware about the field complaints.
  • 3
    System get fail during installation or installation is very tidy.
  • 4
    System start malfunction during rainy season.
  • 5
    Transportation cost is so high for unit and battery.
  • 6
    Least protections due to failures get increase.
  • 7
    Product design not supported to 5 years warranty.


  • 1
    Servotech MPPT Charger designed with 99.1% efficient Algorithm to get maximum power from solar panel during rainy season which reduce 21.6% backup related complaints.
  • MPPT - Maximum Power Point Tracking Charging Technique.
  • Operates the PV Panel at maximum Power, Independent of the battery voltage can improve Solar panel energy utilization ,and permit the use of more efficient higher voltage array with lower battery system.
  • High Power MOSFET with low RDS (Almost zero drops) from top brands IR/ST/Toshiba to improve efficiency.
  • Microprocessor based latest MPPT technology with >98% charging efficiency. MPPT technology can extract maximum energy from solar Panel even in cold weather, cloudy or hazy days.
  • MPPT Algorithm and Profile with Solar Simulator.
  • 2
    Servotech is a company who is having 64000 units direct installation based for the similar product at different locations of India so rest assure about the field issues that take care beautifully.
  • TEDA Projects Picture​s
  • IOCL Projects Pictures
  • 3
    DC on board connector to avoid the installation mistakes and save installation cost upto 19.3%.
  • 4
    Each unit comes with Conformal coating on the PCB’s to reduce the complaints upto 6.8% due to moisture and humidity.
  • On board Connector for fast load connection & installation
  • USB Connector for Mobile Charging
  • Picture of connector on board
  • Battery Video
  • 5
    Lithium Pe04 battery can easily fit inside the unit to save transportation cost around 22%.
  • 6
    7 electronics and 2 mechanical protections to save the system from different mishappenings Smart status display which give clear information about the system and the status of panel,battery & load.

Electronic Protections

  • Surge / Lightening
  • Over charging / Deep discharging
  • Overload-Auto shutdown and restart
  • Solar and Battery reverse protection
  • Reverse current from battery in night.
  • Short Circuit: Load side, PV side, Battery side
  • Over Temperature

Mechanical Protection

  • MCB for DC (Optional)
  • Glass Fuse for load


  • Lightening Protections.
  • Battery Reverse Protections.
  • Solar Panel Reverse Protections.
  • Overload Protections.
  • Overcharge Protections.
  • Deep Discharge Protections.
  • Short Circuit Protections.
  • 7
    Servotech is a project based manufacturing company so our all design based on project based specifications where we are using high standard component because Servotech design the product for END USER only.
  • 8
    GSM/GPRS based remote monitoring system.

Communication (Optional)

  • GSM/GPRS/SMS (2G/3G/4G enabled)
  • RS232 Communication port
  • Blut tooth Compatibility
  • Mobile App
  • Servotect Web Portal(monthly subscription available)

"by default only one communication enabled if buy the optional item."

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