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Do you have Gynecomastia or Manboobs?

  • Are you embarrassed to take
    off your shirt or wear t-shirts?
  • Do you not go for a swim because of gynecomastia?
  • Are you conscious that you friends will tease you for having female breasts?
  • Do you want a CHEST PACK

To Avail All This Schedule 60 Min Free Personal Consult With Dr. Amit Now.


Free 60 Min Personal Consult worth Rs 1200 With Dr. Amit 

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Do you want a 100% correction with 100% results and 0% side effects. We at Divine Cosmetic Surgery are experts at this surgery, performing 5-6 surgeries every month. ​We have done over 400 such surgeries till now.

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Look More Awesome and More confident with Divine Gynecomastia and Chest Pack SurgeryAs did Mr Aditya .....

I Am Aditya, I underwent a Chest Pack surgery for my Gynecomastia and a 6 pack surgery for my abdomen. I could not have made a better choice than Dr Amit Gupta at Divine Cosmetic Surgery. He took time to explain everything that i needed to know. I was not tense at all since i knew exactly what was going to happen. My parents were very anxious, but they too felt at ease after meeting him and understanding all the procedure. As he had explained. 3 months after the surgery, i got the beautiful chest packs and perfect 6 packs on my abdomen. I now feel so confident in taking out my shirt and the packs look so natural. It is simply amazing. 

Who We Are

At Divine we are experts at Liposuction and Gynecomastia surgery. We are qualified Plastic Surgeon, well trained in the field of Gynecomastia surgery. Over the last 10 years we have done over 400 Gynecomastia surgeries, including nipple correction, VASER 4D Chest pack surgery and Male breast gland surgery. all procedures are day care procedures, with patients going home within a few hours of the surgery.

We do the surgery using the following techniques:

  • Gold Standard Procedure.
  • Fat Removal Done In 25 Minutes.
  • Chest Contouring.
  • No Scar.
Male Gland Removal
  • Removal Of Breast Gland.
  • Small Access Point From Nipple.
  • Leaves Barely Visible Scar.
  • Leaves Barely Visible Scar.
  • Vaser 4D Body Contouring.
  • Creates Chest
  • 45 Minutes To 60 Minutes.
  • Day Care Surgery.

" we have a lot of experience of in gynecomastia surgery and assure you of the best results at all times. your confidence and esteem will be absolutely high again, after the procedure. "


Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

what is the cause of gynecomastia?

This is the commonest problem in men. almost all men have this, in some the problem is more, in some it is less. It usually starts around the age of 12-13, and increases for some years before becoming stable. There is usually no cause for this. it occurs due to increase in female hormones in the body at the time of puberty. it DOES not indicate anything wrong with your body. in some patients of liver disease, cancer, low function of testis, this can be seen, so we must rule out these problems.

Is there any medicine to treat this?


What are the post operative precautions?

We advise that biking and driving, upper body weights, and strenuous activity is avoided for 7 days. a pressure garment is advised for 3 weeks. follow up is after a week and then 3 weeks.

Is there any video that i can see of the procedure?

Yes we do have many videos, but they are graphic in nature, showing the surgery. Please have viewer discretion in seeing these videos. You can send us an email to receive these videos or watch them on our instagram - @dr_amitgupta

Is there any advanced technique in male breast surgery?

Absolutely, we do the VASER 4 D BODY CONTOURING surgery to create chest packs. in men suffering from gynecomastia, they can opt for treatment to create chest packs. this surgery takes longer to perform and creates beautiful chest contours.

Can i see some Surgery results?

Is there any long term problem of gynecomastia?

In most patients the problem is only cosmetic, there is no long term problem, however there are reports, rarely, that this has turned into male breast cancer. however that is not a cause of concern, careful vigilance and self examination in such an event is usually enough.

What are the best treatment option?

The best option is to consult a plastic surgeon who has an experience of male breast reduction surgery. he or she will examine you and advise the next step, which is usually surgery. the surgery is short, 25-30 minutes, with NO COMPLICATION OR SIDE EFFECTS. the patient is discharged after 3-4 hours, and is back in office in 2 days time.

How do i consult you?

We at Divine Cosmetic Surgery are always here to assist you. you can:

Whatsapp us at: +919999972949, +919811994417
Email us at:
Call us at: 01141828787, 9811994417
Ping us via chat window on website:
Message us on insta: @dr_amitgupta
Sms: +919999972949, +919811994417

Is Dr Amit Gupta experienced for these surgeries?

Dr Amit Gupta is a qualified Plastic Surgeon from the prestigious Maulana Azad Medical College. He did his Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship from Brazil and Belgium. He has been operating on Cosmetic Surgery patients from last 9 years, and has done more than 400 such procedures. he performs this procedure with a virtually SCARLESS technique. your procedure will be done in hospital setting with the best available technique.

What is the average cost of this surgery?

The procedure cost is 60000 INR (approx 1000 USD), including the hospital stay and surgery, initial consult and follow ups and the pressure garment. 4 D chest pack contouring costs 75000 (approx 1300 USD)and 90000 (1500 USD) with VASER.

I am convinced, what do i do next?

Great, you have taken the first step to gaining more confidence and a better body shape. This decision will help you correct your manboobs problem and with us you are assured of great results and absolutely no side effects. you can call, email, sms, whatsapp or ping us on our website. we are always around to assist you.

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