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​More than 83% buyers don't know whether VRF is the right air conditioning solution for their premises. They end up spending more than 60% extra money on air conditioning!

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Common mistakes done during selection of VRF air-conditioning!


VRF air-conditioning has been sold mostly by showing Power Savings, although the return on investment is not justified, as sometimes you may end up spending 51% more money and you might not save power during the life of the VRF air conditioning.


VRF air-conditioning makes installation cost expensive and you end up spending 33% more money on installation expenditure, this makes the installer earn more money and you end up loosing money without specific need.


Designer select the VRF air-conditioning just based on the demand by the customer for VRF Air Conditioning, as most of the VRF air-conditioning has been bought today on recommendation by friends. Architects , advertisement etc. without understanding the technical need.


Designer don't identify the correct usage of the premises to be air-conditioned, Commercial place like furniture showroom, Kitchen showroom which does not require continuous cooling, also their working hours is dependent on customers visit, it can easily be done with NON VRF .

How do you identify the right air-conditioning solution for your need? Here is a solution.

If you are buying air-conditioning for your residence and you are staying in a nuclear family where at night maximum rooms used are around 2 or 3, in such an application installing a VRF air conditioning will not be viable solution as return on capital investment will not get recovered soon, as the saving on the power bills will be too less as you will not be using the entire VRF system at one go. Since there is no running of the system, in such a case, how you will be able to save money, the recovery of extra capital investment spend shall take much more time than expected.

For Example: The cost of 20 Ton VRF shall be Rs.10, 00,000 (@50,000 Ton approx.) and the cost of 20 Ton Hybrid non VRF air-conditioning will be Rs 5, 00,000 (@25,000 Ton approx.) The power consumption for the VRF air-conditioning and the NON VRF air-conditioning by invertor type split units shall be same , hence forth in such a scenario the extra amount spend that is Rs.5,00,000 shall never get recovered.

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Formed in the year 1993, ambience airtech is a name that believes in bringing comfort and quality in the life of its customers with its finest Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) solutions. Today, with our sheer services, we have made a mark in the industry for our high quality standards and timely delivery.In the last 25 years, we have been introduced and maintained many new technologies in India including the revolutionary VRF and have developed a reputation for excellence.With our state-of-the-art technology and personalized service, we have created a hassle-free experience for more than 5000 customers across the country.Moving forward with a mission of becoming leaders in the HVAC segment, we are bound to provide a comfortable air environment through

25 Years Years Vast Industry Experience & Knowledge of different products & their capabilities enables us to recommend right systems  based on Industry type
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What our customers are saying

Shayal Taunk

I met Mr. Chanana through my Architect Nilanjan Bhowal. The HVAC work required for Café Amaretto was challenging as the space was small and we had a wood-fired brick oven in the middle of the Café that was going to generate a considerable amount of smoke. In addition to this, working in the DLF Mall came with its own challenges. Through the entire project I could really rely on Ambience for the right inputs and for always being there for us, understanding our urgencies and concerns.

Sanjay Dutta

We started working with Ambience in 2014 and have already done our 10 outlets with them and counting. The biggest challenge for us was the space crunch and Esthetics of each of our outlet which was different. We wanted a system which could compliment the esthetics as well it should be compact and takes less space. Ambience designed the ducting which used minimal space without compromising on the air conditioning, also they gave us different style machines to compliment the esthetics and looks of our store.

Privee Night Club

The Privee air-conditioning was  definitely a challenging project, since we had to get the launch done in short span. Ambience came up with a commitment to complete the air-conditioning and give the site handover with 15 days. Initially, we thought they were over promising but to our surprise, Ambience not only delivered the project on time but also impressed us with their extremely professional attitude and aftersales service.

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